How doctors, nurses, teachers etc formed Morale Dotcom

Kumasi-based Palm Wine band Morale Dotcom is a group of seasoned musicians with professional backgrounds like doctors, nurses, teachers, headteachers and PhD holders with a deep love for music.

According to their legend, the band is made up of a lot of young men and only two ladies who decided one day to just do what they call “morale music” for parties and events.

But it soon turned into a Palm Wine band when they decided to incorporate the Highlife genre into their style.

“We are professionals, we have doctors, we nurses, we have teachers, we have headmasters, I mean they all do something in particular,” they revealed on Showbiz 360 on TV3 Friday, May 7.

“And so we decided to come together to do morale for events. As we went along, we realized that the morale for the events and the stadium and all of those things needed large numbers. 

“But we decided to customize and do Palm Wine music as well, that’s how come we first made the Christmas song ‘Santa Claus’,” they told host Giovani Caleb.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana

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