Green Ghana: Port of Takoradi plans 100 trees to be planted in T’di


The Port of Takoradi has set in motion an ambitious plan to plant over 100 trees of different species in strategic places and in communities nestling around its operations.

The plan will see management, workers, as well as staff of contract companies of the port join hands to plant trees in school compounds, medians, along selected roads as well as in designated places within the port.

It will be the Port of Takoradi’s contribution towards government’s Green Ghana agenda

The Green Ghana Initiative, birthed in 2021, will stimulate a national awareness on the urgent need for a collection action aimed at restoring the country’s degraded landscape and imbibe in the youth the essence of planting and nurturing trees as part of a grand agenda towards mitigating against the effects of climate change.

Director of Port of Takoradi Captain Ebenezer Afedzi joined workers and staff of some contract companies to mark the day with a tree planting exercise at New Takoradi.

The symbolic tree was planted at New Takoradi Methodist School at New Takoradi.

Captain Afedzi lauded proponents of the Green Ghana initiative, explaining “it has come at a time Ghana has been on a long walk in search of an answer to the wanton destruction of its landscape and I have no doubt in my mind that things will get better should we all join hands to ensure it becomes a success. Already and across the country I’m learning of more than 80 percent success rate for the first edition, so imagine what will happen if we are able to sustain the momentum for the next five to ten years”.

Captain Ebenezer Afedzi leads staff of Port of Takoradi to plant the symbolic tree

According to him, the decision to start with New Takoradi Methodist School finds expression in government’s vision to inculcate in the youth a genuine sense of getting to know the need to not just plant a tree but to nurture it.

“We believe that starting with schools is important. A certain mental picture has been created in the minds of the students. A picture which tells the story of how the Director of the Port of Takoradi and his staff came to plant a tree here. They will always recollect and I believe ensure that this tree and others we have planted grow so they always point to it as the Director’s trees. It will grow and provide shade for them as well where they can gather around to stay and play during break or their leisure time.”

Beyond that, he also spoke of how crucial the tree planting will be to conserving the environment in the face of the ravages of climate change.

“As I speak, Carbon dioxide comes out of me…the tree will absorb it and give me oxygen in return, a very essential life commodity.”

He continued: “So we will not just plant the trees. The plan is that our Health, Safety and Environment department has been given the task to ensure that every single tree planted becomes successful. So they have a schedule that will ensure that happens and next year by this time, we will be seeing a different skyline around.”Port

Head teacher of the School Emelia Esi Eshun was elated that the school was chosen for the start of the exercise and assured that she will take personal responsibility to see to it that the trees survive.

By Eric Yaw Adjei|Connect FM||Ghana


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