Grader fixes Osino road after residents protest

Mining firms have begun the reshaping of the Osino-Saamang road in the Eastern Region hours after residents erected roadblocks to protest its poor state.

The irate residents blocked the road to stop heavy trucks from using it Wednesday morning.

They are excited their demands have been heeded to by the mining firms but want government to permanently fix the road.

“I am happy the mining firms are re-shaping the road. This can only be of help for sometime. Sod was cut for the construction of this road in 2016 as part of the cocoa roads, but nothing has been done about it. With the onset of rains, it becomes very difficult using it, we want the government to fix it urgently,” a resident said.

Residents of Osino in the Fanteakwa South District in the Eastern Region protested against deplorable state of the road.

On Wednesday morning, September 7 2022, they blocked the road to register their displeasure, especially towards companies who use heavy trucks to ply the road.

They insisted the companies construct the road before they can use it.

“You see these big trucks, for the last one month, they have been using this stretch. We have complained severally but they won’t bother. We have blocked the road.”

None could mention the name of the company but believe it’s the mining companies around who have worsened the state of the road.

“We don’t know whether they mine gold or sand, but their activities on the road with the tipper truck has worsened the state of our road.

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“They don’t even care to re-shape the road as part of their corporate [social] responsibility. We won’t allow them to continue to use the road.”

Another added: “We are allowing the small cars to pass, but not the big ones. They have destroyed our road. The dust during the Harmattan period is just unbearable.”

By Yvonne Neequaye||Ghana