Gov’t sets up Employment Coordinating Committee for job creation

Ignatius Baffour-Awuah, Employment and Labour Minister

The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relation has set up a national employment coordinating committee to deal with issues on job creation.

The committee is to focus on the over 11 million jobs so far created by government within the period and also engage the informal sector on the number of jobs so far created in the sector.

This was announced by the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Ignatius Baffour- Awuah, speaking at a workshop to discuss job creation in Accra on Monday February 21.

Explaining the rationale for the establishment of the committee, he said “What they do is, they coordinate all activities of government that results into employment creation.

“It will be centre, where every intervention of Government, in terms of employment generation, is collated and brought together so that when we say we have created this number of jobs, then we know that we have not left out a certain section of the space.

“Every section within the public space has a linkage with the private sector so we expect that a representative from a particular ministry. If that person comes, he talks about the direct jobs created with in the ministry and the indirect jobs which reflect what it has translated into the public space will also come.

“So we will expect that from hence we are going to have a broader representation of what happens as a result of government actions.”

Findings from the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations indicate that government has created over 11 million jobs in the country..

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Over 800,000 to one million jobs have so far been created within the period. However, Mr Baffuor-Awuah was saddened by the lack of coordination between ministries on job creation.

He said, available figures to him indicate that the One District One Factory programme has so far created 55,000 jobs while the creative sector has also generated 153,000 jobs.



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