God is the greatest – MOG Music recounts trying times, miracles and uncommon favour

God is the greatest – MOG Music recounts trying times, miracles and uncommon favour
MOG Music

Prominent Ghanaian gospel musician, MOG Music, shared his journey through dark times and how God showed up at the right appointed time in his life. For MOG Music, nothing can best God at being God!

Born Nana Yaw Boakye, MOG Music has several laurels to his name for ministering the gospel. In an honest conversation about his lowest moments, MOG Music revealed to Cookie Tee on TV3 NewDay, the challenges he endured and how he kept his faith alive.

“It was around the time where I had received prophecies and word that God has called me to ministry, and then we would be travelling to the nations of the world. And God is going to make your name in nations.

“And people will come and tell you I had a dream, and I saw you on stage singing a song, and it was so powerful. And I couldn’t think of any song. So it was frustrating. You know, why are you showing people stuff, and I’m not experiencing anything. That’s when the frustration started setting in. But God came through.”

MOG Music confessed that he can’t detail the miraculous turn in his situation. He gave all praise be to God for making his dream come through.

“It makes me understand that God is the greatest. I mean, how these things happen, if I’m to give you details, I can’t. Literally, it feels like a dream. It still feels like a dream because this is something that I’ve prayed and wished for since I was a child. And at this level of my life, it’s being manifested. It humbles me and makes me feel like God is really on my side.”

According to MOG Music, his church and pastor have been his earthly rock as he navigated the storms of life. “I can’t speak for all other churches. I can speak for my church where I fellowship, Royal House Chapel. In my lowest moments, the pillar that kept me was my church. My pastor was there for me. I need to be honest. He gave me the platform, a support system in place, to help me in my lowest moments. A safe haven where I can run to. My pastor provided all that for me until a time where I was able to get back on my feet,” he testified.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana


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