God bless the white man for working systems – Sonny Achiba reflects after UK trip

God bless the white man for working systems - Sonny Achiba reflects after UK trip
Sony Achiba

Legendary hiplife musician Sonny Achiba has described his Africans as foolish because the Black race does not build systems that help their people.

The musician, known for combining Hiplife and Indian music, left Ghana for Europe to seek greener pastures in the United Kingdom. After experiencing a system that works, he believes Africans are not developing because the African community doesn’t think properly.

In an exclusive interview with Onua FM’s Christian Agyei Frimpong on Anigye Mmere, Sonny Achiba said that the black race should be eaten like rats because they’re stupid.
He describes Ghanaians as people who refuse to put their minds to work. He further revealed that the systems in the United Kingdom are blossoming to the extent that even dogs have more privileges than Ghanaians.

“May God bless the white man. God bless the Whites. The Black race should be eaten like rats. What’s wrong if they eat us? What’s wrong? White people care for the human race. They’ve built systems for their people. Even dogs are enjoying in abroad more than Ghanaians.”

“The kind of attention given to animals there is mind-boggling because if they have to do surgery on animals to survive, they will. But in Ghana, we beg for money on television and radio stations for people in need of common health care. Are you not foolish? Are you not stupid? Stupid is stupid. If I qualify it, it will reduce the word,” Sonny Achiba opined.

He said he cannot fathom why Ghanaians import food whilst vast fertile lands are available.

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“The kind of farming they do abroad is amazing. Look at the kind of land we have here in Ghana. The last time I went to Sunyani, the vast land there. As well as Kumasi to Accra, we have fertile lands. So if we are we’re hungry to the extent of importing food, aren’t we foolish? Are we not stupid?”

Sonny Achiba is now a music producer with a record label, and his new signee is Queen Peezy.

By Victor Kodom|Onua FM|3news.com|Ghana