Ghanaians didn’t respect my music until Tim Westwood – Amerado

Ghanaians didn't respect my music until Tim Westwood – Amerado

Rapper Amerado expressed his disappointment in Ghanaians for failing to accept his music craft for many years. Until his recent appearance on the Tim Westwood show.

Discussing his musical journey with MzGee on NewDay, Amerado pointed out that the recent praises and support was only after his rap session on the Tim West hood. He expressed his disappointment in Ghanaians for not appreciating his music until his appearance at a rap session on Tim Westwood TV.

He said, “Yes, yesterday I was sending my ‘Outside’ videos to TV stations, and when we were almost home, I was in the car, and I was crying. Yes! Because I felt like, what if Ghanaians appreciated me before Tim Westwood. And what also came into my mind was, is it that Ghana didn’t respect or appreciate me more before Tim West hood? Or is it that they didn’t understand me?
But I believe in myself that I always deliver. If I have an opportunity, I always deliver. I’m never going to disappoint Ghanaians. Because I did it on UTV, and I did it on Tim Westwood. I am ever ready to learn and work on my craft to put Ghana first and forward.”

He added that the initial denial from Ghanaians may be disappointment from other rappers. However, he believes that it is his time to reign.
He said, “I think Ghanaians denied me the opportunity. Because maybe there are too many dope rappers, whom they gave a chance, and yet disappointed. But I feel that it is a process, and I won’t say it is a denial. It is about time, and I thank God that is here now.

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“And I believe that now that Ghanaians are showing me the love, it is going to be something that will be consistent and usual. Is not going to he that Amerado came back from Tim Westwood and his all over the place. I’m going to make sure that I work on my craft and push forward as they want.”

The rapper, who is currently at the peak in his music career, dropped another single featuring Kofi Jamar. This was right after the duo ended a music performance in the United Kingdom dubbed ‘ Party in the Park ‘ in July.

The new song, ‘We Outside’, is selling on all music platforms. Amerado entreated all music lovers to support and follow his music on all social media platforms @Amerado _Burner.

By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony||Ghana