Ghana partners Lithuania to tackle cyber security, ICT-related issues

Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey[/caption] Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Shirley Ayokor Botchwey, and her Lithuanian counterpart have expressed the commitment of their respective countries to collaborate in dealing with Cyber Security issues. During a visit to Ghana by the Lithuanian Foreign Minister last week, Linas Linkevičius enumerated what his country has been able to achieve with ICT. He noted that Ghana can tap into his country’s experiences in its quest to building a paperless society. He remarked, “The issue of cyber security has become a worldwide one, but with Lithuanian companies success in this area, we would be expecting a favourable environment in Ghana to invest in this sector”. The minister called for all bottlenecks in business operation to be removed to further encourage Lithuanian businesses to setup in Ghana, with the aim of helping Ghana obtain more efficient ICT solutions. Located in Northern Europe, Lithuania is well known for being the country with the fastest public internet in the world. E-commerce is applied by many Lithuanian enterprises, while most government services also use internet. Lithuania has for almost 25 years maintained a constant diplomatic, cultural, tourism, trade and economic relationship with Ghana. Both countries are involved in a number of multilateral projects in the areas of renewable energy, construction and haulage among others. Both Ghana and Lithuania are also seeking for increased participation in the United Nations. While Lithuania is seeking for membership unto the Human Rights Council (2021-2023), and re-election to the Commission of Rights of Persons with Disabilities  (PwD’s), Ghana is seeking to be on the UN Security Council  (2020-2021). Increased bilateral trade, cultural exchanges, and power solutions were also discussed by the two Foreign Ministers.

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