Ghana, a throwback story: Managing our own resources

It’s time for Africa to take a firm grip of its resources. As a matter of fact the time is long overdue. The continent has iron, cobalt, uranium, gold, salt, diamond, copper, silver, bauxite, petroleum, cocoa beans etc; why is the continent not absolutely in charge of managing its own affairs? Communities in Ghana for instance where gold is mined lack basic amenities. The locals complain of unavailability of clean water since the mining activities over the years have destroyed the water bodies. Their homes are destroyed since the buildings crack and weaken while the roads that lead to these gold mining towns remain tattered. For years Eurasians have owned the gold mining companies in Ghana. While weakening and destroying the land, they amass wealth, generational wealth as they export our gold to their countries. The locals on the other hand are not well equipped by the government to mine and profit from what rightfully belongs to them rather they are referred to as illegal miners. The irony, illegals on their own lands. This relates to every other resources in Africa. At 60 what is Ghana really celebrating?

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By Ayerkie Narnor||Ghana]]>


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