GH comedians show class at 1024 Laughs

Ghanaian comedians on the bill showed their class last Tuesday at comedy show dubbed ‘A Night of 1024 Laughs & Music’.

The show, which took place on Boxing Day at the Accra International Conference Centre, saw the auditorium packed to the rafters.

There were three Nigerian comedians and five Ghanaian comedians (including the host) on the night and as I sometimes like to do, here are my ratings (over 10) from this year’s show.


MJ The Comedian – 6: Confident and impressive opening for his first gig on that stage.

Putogo – 6: Same as for MJ. Also great opening about “ladies, gentlemen and Gas” and good jokes as well.

Jacinta – 7: Never disappoints, she had new jokes and used her whole body to deliver her lines, earning her name as the “Iron Lady” of Ghanaian Comedy. I just made that up though.

Acapella – 7: This guy looks funny even when walking on stage and he has a list as well. He had some of the best jokes on the night. Best joke was how he would stand by a politician during rapture so he would be the one to vanish.

Foster Romanus – 6.3: I think he went a bit gross at some point. Also the Kumasi rape joke was not cool…his usual style of tribal jokes was good, but too much of it, obviously, becomes tiring…however he generally came home with some good punchlines.

Akpororo – 7.5: Sometimes he delivered old and tired jokes, but his energy on stage every time is enthralling and you can have him for hours without knowing you are hearing an old joke. Worked the audience to a crescendo and then left then hanging…

Basket Mouth – 7: This is a legend of the Nigerian comedy industry and you do feel you’ve heard the jokes over and over. This time he was way better than his last appearance on that stage. He delivered well. But hey, he should get a towel like Acapella and stop using his shirt sleeve to dab the sweat off his face.


Kidi – 6.5: Performed on beats and sung well to a couple of his popular songs in 2017.

Kuami Eugene – 4.5: Performed over lyrics and didn’t inspire much. Audience may have been too old for him.


Comedian Khemikal – 6: Could have done better with some pronunciations…eg. you cannot be in the creative arts and not know how to properly pronounce GOMASHIE. Some good jokes on the night though.


Ghanaian comedians have arrived. They have taken the craft seriously in meeting the Nigerians “pan for pan pa papa” as Ayitey Powers would say! We could have had them alone and the show would still be as awesomely entertaining as it was on the night.

The show started just about 15 minutes late and the organisers, Charterhouse, need to be commended, given where we have come from with this and other shows they organise. However, could this be the first time we had the 1,000 laughs and music series without a band?

By Francis Doku|| Ghana


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