George Krown out again with another mind blowing inspirational song — “Keep On Trying”

A new year is here again, the hustle continues — ambitious men and women seeking to better their lives are still working extremely hard towards the goal.

Obviously, the rough and muddy nature of the road gets most of them discouraged and attempts to give up but Ghanaian United Kingdom based contemporary gospel singer, George Krown has taken upon himself to always share words of encouragement to ambitious people with fragile hearts and weak mentality to hold on tight till the goal is achieved.

Last year, he released a very powerful piece which he tilted Hope. George believes hope is a catalyst and that whoever works extra harder, follow basic principles in life and keeps his/her hopes in the supreme being will never get disappointed.

This year, he is out again with another mind blowing piece titled ‘Keep On Trying’ — this song hammers on the popular quote, winners never quite and quitters never win.

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George Krown in this song is telling every individual to have the spirit of consistency and the mindset that good things takes time.

Moreover, he urges whoever seeking to succeed in life to keep trying new things and take calculated risks because boldness is one of the major descriptions of successful people.


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