Gas consumption likely to drop if… – LPG marketers warn gov’t

File: LPG cylinders distributed to rural folks by the government in 2016[/caption] Marketers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are warning of a drop in the consumption of the product should government go ahead to implement the cylinder recirculation policy. The module, proposed by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), will ensure that LPG filling points are sited out of densely populated areas and commercial centres. This model means LPG bottling plants will be sited away from congested commercial and population centers and will procure, brand, maintain and fill empty cylinders to be distributed to consumers and households through retail outlets. But the Vice president of the LPG Marketers Association, Gabriel Kumi, says the policy will reduce the consumption of LPG because not all consumers will be able to buy a fully filled cylinder. “The full implementation of the cylinder recirculation policy will mean some drop in the consumption of LPG. This policy will come with cost and many Ghanaians who are not able to pay for a fully filled cylinder will not be able to use it”, he observed. He said the Association disagrees with the NPA’s assertion that the marketers have experienced stunted growth since the last two years. “We are surprised at that assertion because from 2007 to date, the LPG sector has grown by 16.16 percent to date and the NPA has the figure,” he stated to discount the NP’s claim. He added “The only two years that we have had some dip in growth [was] in 2010 and 2013, and that was even because the industry was under supplied and not because we were not up to the task.

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By Grace Asare|3FM||Ghana]]>