Flood/Fire disaster: Mahama must resign and be made to face the law – PPP youth

The youth members of the second largest opposition party in Ghana have called for an immediate prosecution of President John Dramani Mahama and Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive Alfred Oko Vanderpuije over last Wednesday’s twin disaster.

According to the youth members of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), the real cause of the disaster – that left at least 150 people dead and thousand others displaced – is the negligence of the two authorities to ensure that sanitation laws are enforced.

“However, since the President cannot be charged with a crime by virtue of his position, he must be made to resign immediately,” they said in a release signed by their coordinator, Divine Nkrumah.

“Even after his term of office has ended, he must be made to face the law squarely.”

Below is the full release:

Just a few days ago, avertable cataclysm visited unwary Ghanaians by way of heavy downpour which has left many homes, families, individuals, companies and entities with sorrow, loss and devastation. Over 150 Ghanaians lost their precious lives and dozens have sustained various life-threatening injuries due to the flood and gas explosion that took place at Circle in Accra on Wednesday 3rd June 2015. Thousands have also been displaced and rendered homeless due to the flooding.

The unfortunate annoying aspect of this whole matter is that, suddenly from nowhere, the Mahama led-government has found the magic baton to provide machines and resources to dredge our gutters in an attempt to create an impression that he is really committed to solving the sanitation and environmental challenges and perennial flooding that confront us. This, we the youth of the Progressive People’s Party consider bunkum. So the question is; where was President Mahama when the mess was being created? We consider these reactionary measures highly hypocritical.

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This situation has been caused by nothing other than the blatant negligence and incompetence of our leaders who are paid with the tax payers’ money, starting from the President of the nation. Hence the President and the A.M.A Boss, Okoh Vanderpuije ought to be charged for manslaughter and criminal negligence because of the apathy he has shown towards the flooding situation in Accra and other places since he assumed office. However since President cannot be charge with a crime by virtue of his position, he must be made to resign immediately. Even after his term of office has ended, he must be made to face the law squarely.

Sadly, President Mahama pretends to be sickened by the occurrences of the disasters by speaking feebly and shedding tears. These phony sympathetic gestures from President Mahama cannot be taken seriously, when, indeed, he is the main causative organism of these disasters. These flooding and disasters could have been mitigated or avoided completely if he had done his work well and exercised ultimate responsibility of leadership. Good leaders fix problems, fix what is broken. What is sympathy when people are dead or businesses destroyed?

Paradoxically, just last year, on June 6th 2014, President John Dramani Mahama, gave a directive to the Finance Minister to release funds for the commencement of the Accra drainage and sewage project when he visited some flooded areas such as Mallam Junction and South Odorkor. What has happened to the funds and the project itself? Sadly, the Minister of Finance Seth Terkper confirmed on an Accra radio station yesterday that, the government has not received even one pesewa of the funds needed to implement this important project. So, once again, like Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom said, “why did President Mahama cut sod for a project when there were no funds? What was the purpose of the sod cutting? Should it take deaths and loss of property for our government to inform the people about the status of such an important project? Where is the sense of urgency? Who advised the President that the ceremony should come on?”

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Yet this same ineffectual Mahama-led government now gives us lessons on indiscipline and tells us we are all responsible for the flooding. Has the government provided bins for the disposal of waste on the streets? How does the government expect people to dispose of pure water sachets and other wastes when there are virtually no bins available to dispose them in? President Mahama is always quick to come out to take credit for the construction of bore-holes, latrines to interchange and anything that benefits him as an individual. But when it comes to anything bad, he is quick to shift the blame on the people. What a pity?

On a more serious note, the National Petroleum Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency have rules about the location and distance between petrol stations. However, petrol stations keep springing up every day within our communities, some even operating without permit. This points clearly to the fact that the President appoints persons into positions for which they have either no expertise or they just do not care about the welfare of the population.

It is time that our leaders are made to account for their failures. We can no more watch as they play politics with the lives of the citizenry. We are therefore saying that President Mahama must be made to resign and the AMA boss, Okoh Vanderpuije charged for manslaughter and criminal negligence.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana