Feli Nuna produces exotic visuals for ‘BumBum’

Feli Nuna produces exotic visuals for 'BumBum'
Feli Nuna

Feli Nuna, a talented Ghanaian female artist, has newly released a world-class video for her BumBum song. In a society where women are body shamed and peer pressured into cosmetically altering their bodies, BumBum reminds them to be confident, appreciate and love themselves. 

BumBum discusses the freedom to properly express one’s self. The immaculate music video by Israel of Trukraft challenges reality, treating your eyes to a burst of colours from a front-row seat adventure to the Feli-verse. 

Feli Nuna is an excellent singer and rapper known for producing hits such as Afro Magic, Dream, Gelaway, Love Me Now, Wanted, her latest trending song, Towel and more. 

She has mounted numerous music platforms throughout the country and as far as China to promote Ghanaian culture and music to the rest of the world. Feli Nuna was also recently nominated for the 2022 Afrimma African Awards. 

Follow Feli Nuna on these handles below: Facebook: Feli Nuna Twitter: @FeliNuna Instagram: @FeliNuna The official hashtag is #BumbumByFeli


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