Ex-Ivorian President Gbagbo’s statesmanship must be commended – Dr Agumenu

Dr Donald Agumenu who was a Special Aide to late President Jerry John Rawlings, has stated that former Ivorian President President, Laurent Gbagbo deserves commendation for his statesmanship and the love for peace and democracy since returning to his home country.

Just few days ago, Mr Gbagbo launched a new political party, the Africa People’s Party, to serve as an epicenter responsible for not only bringing together elements of his former party, the Popular Front Party, who split up into various factions during his absence as he battled court process to prove his innocence on war crime charges but also reenergize the base for his democratic pursuit. 

In a statement, Dr Agumenu noted that “It must be emphasised that President Gbagbo did not take onto the path of vengeance and other unorthodox mechanisms to exert political pound of flesh and power. He has instead chosen the path to democratize democracy and participate in the constitutional arena necessary to deepen peace and security of his country. This new political party can only be a new beginning of reconciliation, peace and social inclusion that will go a long way to reposition Cote D’Ivoire as an attractive economic zone within the continent and also improve the lives of its citizenry.”

“Prior to Laurent Gbogbo’s journey back home, the country has been under some level of political tension. We can safely say the former President’s entry has sort of doused such fear and save the country on the radar of African countries being plagued with conflicts, insurgencies and democratic malpractices. President Gbagbo’s show of elderly statesmanship, respect for democracy and rule of law must not depart from him. He must religiously continue to prosecute them in his daily affairs.”

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“It is equally quintessential to commend current President Alassane Ouattara for extending a branch of peace when he (Alassane Ouattara) facilitated a diplomatic passport for the former president to travel back home. What is gratifying is President Ouattara’s announcement that the state will accord all protocols to Laurent Gbagbo as former president including his pension benefits and payment of other gratuity elements.”

“From all intents and purposes, all political actors and other components of the Cote D’Ivoire social fabric, owe it as a duty to themselves to respect the peace of the country and take steps to develop it,” the statement added.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana