Employment and Labour Ministry starts review of Labour Law

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The Ministry of Employment and labor Relations started the process for the review of the Ghana Labour act. 

The Ministry is doing that with support from the European Union (EU).

In a meeting with stakeholders held in Accra, the ministry stated that it was at the listening stage of views from various bodies across the country. 

Director of labor relations at the ministry Emma Ofori Agyemang stated that ” this is huge work and we have taken the first step. We will keep working with all stakeholders to see how best we go about this.” 

The opening processes saw the Ministry launched a series of consultations to review the employment legal framework and – if agreed by all parties – to submit proposals for the amendment of the Labour Act and the legislative instruments. 

The European Union’s representative at the event BRIGNONE Marta Anna shared the EU’s support to the process. 

”The EU appreciates the consultative approach applied by the MELR and recognizes the need to engage a large range of stakeholders such as the Trade Union Congress, the Employers Association, the Federation of Labour, the National Tripartite Committee and many others in order to ensure a sound revision and an optimum implementation of the Labour Act and its instruments.

“We are glad to assist today in the first of the 2-days workshop to review the comments received from the various institutions and wish all stakeholders fruitful discussions to complete the review process that remains one of the main priorities of the MELR.” 

The Ghana labor act was passed in 2003 and has not seen any major amendment since. 

Source :3news.com|ghana 

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