Efya talks lesbianism, sex & VGMAs

For some time now, there have been several reactions to the issue of gay rights and whether or not it should be legalized in Ghana. This is because several countries have embraced and advocated for gay rights.

One celebrity who is making her voice heard on the issue of homosexuality & lesbianism is the ever talented singer Jane Awindor popularly known as Efya.

Passing through 3FM’s mid-morning show Urban Blend Efya shared with the host, Miriam Osei-Agyemang, her stance on the controversial issue.

According to her, it wouldn’t be fair to judge people based on their sexual orientation because everybody is different in their own way.

She believes before a person judges another, he/she must first look at themselves.

“There are a lot happening in our world, this is not the 90s. People are coming out because they’re discovering themselves in a different way. I think if we find a way to understand everybody as they want to be, it wouldn’t be about that (Sexual Orientation), it will be about who they are as a person and not their sexuality.”

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Youth & sex

Speaking on issues relating to the youth and sex in Ghana, Efya expressed her desire on how much she would love to educate the youth on sex.

“Because of our tradition, we shy away from sex, but the young people are having sex and some of them are having unprotected sex,” the ‘Best In Me’ hitmaker said.

According to her, she believes the youth must be educated on the safest ways to have sex without having to endanger themselves.

“I feel like a lot of the young girls should also be spoken to about getting on the pill. It doesn’t fully prevent pregnancies but it’s the most efficient that has been certified.”

On when she had her first sex talk, she revealed she had hers at the age of 16.


In explaining her absence at this year’s VGMA, Efya said she was out of town. She debunked rumours that she deliberately avoided this year’s event.

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According to her, she had some difficulties in sending in her work thus her not being nominated this year.

“I always love being nominated for the Ghana Music Award; it’s a pleasure to me and always will be. I love Ghanaian music, it’s what I do. I push it where I go. I support Charter House and everything they do and I think they’ve done amazing for Ghanaian music”.

Efya is one of the three artistes signed onto the Starboy Worldwide Label owned by Nigerian artiste, Wizkid.

By Geraldine Afua Amaning|3FM|3news.com|Ghana


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