EC printing extra ballot papers at secret location – NDC alleges

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed worry that the Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) is acting without recourse to the political parties as regards the printing of ballots for the December 7 elections.

According to the party, the Assembly Press, one of the firms contracted to print the ballots, is printing additional ones at a different location.

Already, the NDC has raised concerns with the firm for being selected to print the ballots.

“Just last night, the NDC found out that the Assembly Press is printing additional ballot papers in another location on its premises on the blind side of the Agents of the political parties,” the largest opposition party said at an emergency press conference addressed by National Campaign Manager Professor Joshua Alabi on Sunday, November 1.

“The NDC completely abhors this irregularity, particularly, as the MD of Assembly Press was an aspirant who contested in the NPP 2020 Parliamentary Primaries in the Nkawkaw Constituency and the Convener of the Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA), pro-NPP pressure group.”

The party also alleged that the EC is going against norm and convention by printing in excess of the accepted 5 percent.

“What is surprising this time around is that, the EC is rather printing an additional 5 percent of the total registered voters per Constituency with padding in the total number of ballot papers to be printed.

“What this translates into is that, more ballot papers are being printed in excess of the 5 percent extra ballot papers required per Polling Station.

“From the Ballot Statistics received from the printing houses, as coming from the EC, we have analysed the figures from 13 regions and observed that there is an excess of over 150,000 ballot papers being printed beyond the extra 5 percent required.”

The party wants immediate answers from the EC.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

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