E-Levy Wahala: Online businesses will suffer the most – Lydia Forson

we'll eventually accept our fate – Lydia Forson tackles E-levy
Lydia Forson
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Lydia Forson has added her voice to the clarion call to have the e-levy reexamined to better suit the people it is purported to benefit. 

In her usual forthright manner, Lydia Forson took to her Twitter page to share her concerns about the tendentious e-levy. According to her, introducing an electronic will set the country back into a cash economy.

“What was gradually making Ghana a cashless society is now going to set us back, because trust me, for poor people EVERY CEDI COUNTS. Why do you think people ask you to add charges for momo when it should be their cost?

“I went to the pharmacy yesterday. When it was time to pay, I took out my phone to send the money. I found myself pausing to ask if the #ELevy had started? They said no. I still opted to pay in cash. Y’all don’t get how survival kicks in when your back is against the wall.”

Lydia Forson also sympathized with small businesses and start-ups whose business models are built on digital platforms. She tweeted, “Online business will suffer the most. If you don’t have a shop, and people pay through momo, customers will opt for options with shops.”

“I’m so sick & tired of hearing people say Ghanaians don’t pay tax. In nearly every conversation, y’all try to use this as some type of defence. Ghanaians DO PAY TAX. There are different forms of tax, so be specific in your arguments,” she concluded. 

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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