Don't let lives lost be for nothing – Regent tells Otiko Djaba over Bimbila clashes

Regent of Bimbila, Yalimogo Andani Dasana, has appealed to the Minister for Gender, Women, Children and Social Protection, Madam Otiko Hafisa Djaba, not to let the death of women and children killed in last Thursday’s chieftaincy clashes be for nothing. Yalimogo Dasana premised his appeal on the fact that perpetrators of a similar incident sometime ago were not brought to book due to what he termed as government interference. A total of eight women including four year old Mpaha were murdered in cold blood by supposed protestors of an enskinement process which the Regent believes, should not be swept under the carpet like happened in other cases. The eight women, a man and a two-year-old boy were all family members of the Kpatihi Naa, the Kingmaker, which according to  Yalimogo Dasana , was a deliberate attempt to get even with the Kingmaker as he enskined Bimbila Chief. “The enskinement of the Warrior Chief( Sapashini) and other sub chiefs was done peacefully, the chiefs were escorted to their homes without even a stone thrown at them so if you say it was against the process, why kill innocent women and children”. Those they killed didn’t partake in the enskinement neither did they enskin the chiefs so why, he quizzed? He recounted the gruesome murder of his father, the late Bimbila Naa Andani Dasana  in June 2014 at his palace which he said, justice  is yet to be delivered. Yalimogo Dasana  has meanwhile entreated a government delegation led by the Interior Minister Ambrose Dery to give fair hearing to the Salifu Dawuni faction in the case, and also requested Nakpa Naa Salifu Dawuni be buried as line with their tradition.

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By Zubaida Ismail||Ghana]]>