Digitalization drive will faze out exam leakages – Nyamah

Mr Richard Nyamah

A Deputy communications director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Nyamah, has opined that the government’s digitalization drive in the country will eliminate examination leakages and malpractices in the country by way of removing the human element in its handling and transportation.

He said a lot of the challenges in the country such as corruption, examination malpractices shall be dealt with if the system is digitalized, as the government intends to do in the country.

Mr Nyamah stressed that the developed countries are able to easily curb corrupt practices because they have been able to minimize the human element in their system by digitizing their system.

He said when the educational system depends on the human element in the transportation of examination materials they can be tempted to exploit their position for profit by leaking such documents.

Mr Nyamah said when the human interface is eliminated in the educational system by digitizing and digitalizing the system, it will create a barrier for such corrupt practices in the country.

He said the digitalization drive of the overall system must be a priority of the current government and every government after because to him, that is the panacea to fighting corruption in the system.

Mr Nyamah cited the example of the challenges in revenue collection in the country, saying there is a list of some 6000 lawyers who do not pay taxes in the country as a result of the inefficiency in the system to locate such lawyers in the country.

According to him, that would have been no problem at all if the system was digitized to capture everyone onto the system.

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Mr Nyamah said this in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the New Day on TV3, Monday, November 15.

He was speaking on the back of the commencement of the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) on Monday, November 15 and the perennial leakages of the question papers in the country.

“That is where this digitalization and digitization is coming in and I think that we should, by a major priority by the current government and every government after must try to let us have a complete digitalization of our system. You know why? For me, the issue of corruption, this exam malpractices and a lot of our challenges that we have as a people. If we have our system digitalized, it will be very difficult because the human beings do not have to interact with you,” Mr Nyamah said.

He however wished all the candidates writing the BECE well in their endeavor to progress to the next stage of their academic pursuit in the country.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana