Depression is real; I suffered when my wife cheated – Claudio, Daterush

Depression is real; I suffered when my wife cheated – Claudio, Daterush
Claudio Wonder Magis

Claudio Wonder Magis, a cosmetologist and divorcee, found the light back in his love life on Daterush after a devasting past. According to the well-bred young man, his deep plague into depression was triggered by his ex-wife’s affair.

“My previous relationship was actually a wonderful marriage which unfortunately an incident happened, and I got depressed. I didn’t know depression was real until it hit me. One day I was waiting at FlatTop. Waiting for a vehicle to knock me down. I started doing substance abuse. Trying to get over things. I nearly ended my life. But some two people were instrumental in my life, and today, I am here.”

According to his friend, Claudio was near-psychotic at the end of the episode. But with the help of his sister and another Claudio has regained his mental stability.

“The trigger was that my partner had an indiscretion and had a pregnancy out of it. That got me depressed. So if it’s you that cheats on me and have another baby, of course, it might trigger me. But I’m perfect now.”

Claudio is now an advocate for mental health, especially in the case of men. He advised, “I tell you ladies, you might think you are not affecting men with your decisions, but we really get affected. We are tough outside, but we are so weak when you hurt us.

“I was a victim in my own home. I gave up on love. But now I’m back. I have bettered myself, and I love life,” Claudio concluded.

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Thankfully, Claudio has found love once again in the arms of Precious. We wish them all the best.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana