[Date Rush] Salty turns down dates; says girls not his level

Salty snubbed all the ladies interested in him and went without a date[/caption] The fifth episode of TV3’s date-matching reality show took a dramatic turn last Friday when ‘showboy’ Salty did what only few men will have the ‘capa’ to do. Given the opportunity to select one out of five gorgeous ladies who had expressed interest in him, this young man pulled a shocker – and he wasn’t even joking about it – he made up his mind. Much to the surprise of the audience, the ladies and perhaps he himself, Salty aroused the interest of half of the 10 empaneled ladies on the show and just when they fell for the bait, he “withdrew”. Explaining why he has had to turn down all the beautiful ladies who were ready to go out with him on an all-expense paid date sponsored by Rush Energy drink, Salty said “I know my level”. Really? For a moment the host of the 13-week reality show,  Nii Kpakpo Thompson thought a randy Shatta Wale fan had strayed onto the stage and started chanting his famous “I know my level” song, but no, that was Salty, ready to go home without a date. In previous episodes, guys early made their choices and have come to give testimonies how jolly and jelly their dates have been but this was different. Like joke like joke, the guy did not like any of the girls. Maybe this is what is commonly known as “wonders shall never end”: Watch show below: Meanwhile, another episode is showing tonight on TV3 at 8:00 PM and barring any unexpected drama, two guys are sure to grab dates. Date Rush is a newly introduced exciting dating reality show on TV3 which gives an eligible bachelor an opportunity to convince 10 beautiful ladies to go on a date with him. Successful bachelors and their chosen ladies are given all-expenses paid dates, experiences which they later share on the show.

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