Covid-19: All 70 railway workers fully recover

The Eastern Regional Health Director, Dr. Alberta Twum-Nyarko, has officially declared all 70 staff of the Afcons Camp B who were working on the Tema-Mpakadan Railway fully recovered from Covid-19.

Work on the railway is expected to re-start soon.

Work on the project by Afcons came to a halt when Eastern Region’s first case count of the virus began from Camp B residential site.

For 10 weeks, 70 of their workers had to be managed on site by health personnel.

They have been officially declared fully fit from Covid-19 after a visit to the site by the Eastern Regional Covid-19 Task Force.

Commnunity infection at Kpong has also been zero for sometime now, making Lower Manya Krobo Municipality currently without an active case.

“The outbreak is over at Kpong,” Dr Twum-Nyarko announced.

She explained Eastern Region’s case count stands at 134 with 95 recoveries.

She added, out of 21 health personel who were also infected along the line of duty and from commnunity infection, seven have fully recovered.

She cautioned the reduction of the active cases in the Region should not cause residents to downplay the wearing of face masks and adherance to Covid-19 protocols.

“The country still has infections. We are still not out of the woods yet, [therefore] wear your mask, observe physical distance, wash your hands with soap under running water or use alchohol based sanitizer.”

Deputy Managing Director of the Afcons Company Korimilli V. S. N. Murthy was grateful to the Eastern Regional Health Directorate and the Covid-19 team for their assistance during their crisis period.

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The Eastern Region Minister, Eric Kwakye Daffour, was worried the $398 million project, which should have taken a year to complete, would now delay for about six months more, largely due to the effects of Covid-19 on workers and the rainy season setting in.

“Government was investing in the project which was was to last for a year, open up the country and quicken pace of development. But now work would delay over six months. Covid-19 has taken about three months already, the rains have set in, this could draw us back as well.”

By Yvonne Neequaye||Eastern Region|Ghana