Cedi, agric to gain, gov’t’ll make money from mining – Rev Isaac Ofori’s prophecies for 2022

The local currency, the Cedi, will gain relevance against the major trading currencies in the year 2022, Head Pastor of the Overcomers Breed International at Fanmilk Blockfactory, Rev Isaac Ofori, has prophesied during the 31st night service on Friday December 31 2021.

He also prophesied that investors in agriculture, and mining shall have high sales this year.

“The government will also make money from mining,” he further prophesied.

Below is the list of his prophecies for the year 2022…


1) Tell the Body of Christ to guard against the error of the gospel of universalism (Inclusion). It shall be widespread among the western preachers and gain strong entry to Africa. Some renowned preachers who used to preach truth shall buy into this error. It’s an attempt to eliminate faith in Jesus as the factor for salvation.

2) I see session of the Ghana coat of arms shining- The cocoa tree symbol at the bottom left-hand corner greening and the mineral shaft symbol at the bottom right-hand corner glowing and glittering in the spirit. Investors in agriculture, and mining shall have high sales this year.
The government will also make money from mining.

3) I saw the Ghana cedis gaining relevance. The cedis shall gradually begin to recover in value.

4) A strong wind that would open certain folders and fly away some classified documents is coming heavily. Scandal of corruptions looming at some respective places and persons. Leak audios etc.

5) I saw a fully air-conditioning bus which can be driven both at the front and back. A man was driving this bus loaded with notable people but they were all sweating profusely and his driving caused an annoying hold up. A woman with the spirit of Margaret Thatcha and the courage of Mandela took to the other end of the drivers seat. From now to 2024 and beyond, there’s a woman God is preparing to take certain crucial task in SOUTH AFRICAN politics.

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6) Those trading in forex, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies should seek counsel. Same to some bank managers.

7) The Lord showed me truth and error travelling together in 2022.
You will see truth and deception side by side. It will happen in Churches, Nations, Governments. You must be discerning.

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana