Calm returns to Sogakope after gruesome murder of assemblyman

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Calm has returned to the Sogakope township after a businessman and the Assemblyman for Sogakope South Electoral Area was murdered in cold blood which created a chaotic situation at the place.

Marcus Mawutor Adzahli was shot and killed by unknown gunmen who broke into his residence Sunday dawn. The assailants assaulted the wife who later collapsed.

The wife and a daughter of the deceased are currently responding to treatment at South Tongu District Hospital at Sogakope in the Volta Region.

Hospital authorities, though would not go on record, they told TV3’s Volta Regional correspondence, Robert Abilba that the victims are in stable condition.

Marcus Mawutor Adzahli

The youth of Sogakope South angrily protested against the police for their perceived lack of action which they claimed was a factor leading to the death of Marcus.

The violent protest saw the blocking of the main highway linking the Greater Accra region to parts of Volta region through Sogakope as well as other major roads.

They are demanding justice for their murdered assemblyman, claiming the police could have averted the incident if they were a little proactive.

But the police will not speak on the matter despite the number of times our correspondence tried to get update from them.

However, the police have been able to remove the blockage allowing free flow of traffic after hours of gridlock

Source: | Ghana

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