BNI covering up BOST over sale of contaminated fuel – Minority

The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) is being accused of a cover up in its investigations into the controversial sale of some five million litres of contaminated fuel by the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST). BOST and its MD have been criticised for the sale of the contaminated fuel Movenpiina, a company which was said to be be unlicenced at the time that the deal was brokered. Reports emerged the BOST MD had interest in Movenpiina, raising concerns of possible corruption and calls for investigations into the events surrounding the sale of the fuel. The BNI which conducted preliminary investigations into the issue, was Tuesday reported have absolved BOST and its managing director of any wrongdoing, something the minority in parliament say smacks of a cover up. “There’s a very bizarre and uncharacteristic development in our country today,” Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu said, adding “the BNI is acting in a manner that we don’t only smell but can sense a cover up in respect of the matter of the selling of contaminated oil by BOST”. At a news conference Tuesday, Mr Iddrisu said sale of contaminated fuel smacks of fraud, corruption and abuse of office on the part of BOST. He said the admission by the industry regulator, the National Petroleum Authority, that the company was not licenced to operate in the industry at the time of the said transaction, raises a lot of questions “We are aware that the Ministry of Energy has set up a committee to investigate the matter. We are now being told that the BNI is asking for a dissolution of that committee. That can only be a gargantuan cover up,” he said. “We believe that this action of BNI can only be sowing the seeds of corruption in our country and also allowing and preventing sunshine on matters of public interest” he added. The minority leader said the BNI would have to come clean by sharing with Ghanaians “what they have investigated and what their findings are and not a mere statement to the effect that the minister should dissolve the committee” set up to investigate the issue. “We are already aware of internal turf between the ministry and other players within the government. This development we find unacceptable and therefore if the president means well in fighting corruption, he should not be seen supporting any cover up and must allow the ministerial committee to proceed henceforth with full investigation of the matter and report publicly or they must as well say they are not interested in any other matter of public interest,” Mr Iddrisu said.

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