Blame the media for problems in the industry – Producer, Sugartone

Blame the media for problems in the industry - Producer, Sugartone

Famous sound engineer Sugartone has blamed Ghanaian media for the woes and predicament in the music industry.

In an exclusive interview with Onua FM’s reporter, Victor Kodom, at his mother’s residence, the producer cum singer said that the media will never help you if you need them. But they will use you for content whenever you’re fighting with your fellow colleague.

“You see why I say the presenters use us. For example, if Shatta wale is fighting with Stonebwoy, you, the presenter, will give them all the platform to fight on-air. Of course, it is content. They’ll get more listenership and proceed by using that to solicit for sponsorship. Afterwards, they will play your songs without paying royalties. In all this, what do you get from it as a creative? Absolutely nothing,” Sugartone complained.

He further advised his fellow colleagues to love each other. Because if they fight each other, the media benefits, not the musician.

“I’ve forty track album, which premium is hundred thousand dollars. If this album comes out now, it’ll shake the nation. But a top entertainment presenter has sat on the album for his own gains.
When I was on top as an engineer, I did lots of business with this particular presenter, with huge sums of money. Now, this same presenter said he won’t promote my album but has taken my money,” Sugartone General narrated.

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