Black Sherif isn’t a bad person because of his choices – Stephanie Benson

Black Sherif isn’t a bad person because of his choices – Stephanie Benson
Black Sherif and Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson added her two cents to the Black Sherif and manager brouhaha and feels Black Sherif has not committed the most grievous crime.

According to her, sometimes an artiste is entitled to choose their own paths even under management. She explained that once an external deal is a beneficiary to the artiste, they can go ahead and sign even if management’s opinion says contrary.

“Management and the artiste have a contract already. So although he went behind him, maybe they didn’t agree, but he’s also entitled to make his own decisions sometimes.

“Because sometimes, there’s a percentage that they work out. Although, of course, you want to get your manager’s opinion. If you go behind him to sign the contract without notifying your manager, the terms of whatever agreement you have between you, the artiste, and manager still stands.”

Stephan Benson stated that she’s not taking sides in the issue when she appeared as a guest on United Showbiz. She also pointed out that management is not always right. And even though Black Sherif should have thrived for a mutual agreement, going against his manager’s advice doesn’t make him a bad person.

“No, I’m not saying it’s right but then if it’s right for him as an artiste and the manager is not in agreement, it doesn’t mean the manager has to take precedence or what their thinking is right. Yes, they should have sat down and maybe come up with some kind of agreement. He didn’t do that. It doesn‘t make him a bad person. Maybe, he just felt it was good for him. But then, whatever that happens, the manager will still make his money,” she concluded.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana