Beware of re-packaged expired malaria rapid diagnostic test kit, FDA warns

Expired malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) kits have been repackaged and being sold in the country, the Food and Drugs Authority has announced. It has consequently advised health professionals and the public to take note and avoid using such kits, SD Bio Line Malaria Test Kit. The FDA said it investigated a complaint and it was established that “some persons have tampered with the product information on the expired kit”. Though it said the product is registered with the FDA, it has been re-labelled with the manufacturing date being 2018-03-09 to be expired on 2020-03-09. “It is therefore a dangerous situation to have a test for malaria using expired RDT kit, which would certainly produce false result and may lead to inaccurate diagnosis” the FDA said in a statement Friday. It said steps are being taken to retrieve the said products from the market and working with the security agencies to ensure the arrest of the culprits. “Meanwhile the FDA would like the general public to furnish it with information should they see the said product anywhere on the Ghanaian market” it said. By]]>

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