Association of songwriters promises to clamp down on vulgar lyrics


 – 3News - First In News | Ghana News Updates  The president of the Association of Songwriters (), Emmanuel Barnes has stated that the Association will clamp down on the use of vulgar lyrical content contained in churned out in the country. Speaking at the launch and inauguration of new executives of the Association in Accra, Emmanuel Barnes said it is important to place premium on the kind of content that musicians produce. “Recently, we have had bad songs than good songs, and sometimes I look at the future and ask what the kids coming up would say about us so with GAS, we are going to make sure we curb all these things. I think this is the time to make a change.” According to Barnes, who is also music producer, re-emphasised that the Association would sanitize the airwaves and ensure that music put out there is devoid of vulgar language. “I understand the need for clean songs because I believe music impacts on the people's mind a lot. It either corrupts or elevates, entertains and educates.” The Ghana Association of Songwriters is a cooperative effort by individual songwriters in Ghana to help increase royalty rates and educate members about the of songwriting and lyrical content.  – 3News - First In News | Ghana News Updates Speaking at the launch, executive member of the Musicians Union of Ghana (), Daddy Bosco commended the leadership of the Association and pledged the Musicians Union's support for the Association. “I want to assure the Ghana Association of Songwriters of our utmost support and collaboration. I invite everybody here to celebrate the leadership of Association,” he said. The launch of the GAS brought together major stakeholders in the entertainment industry. Source:| Ghana