Apology by Tereo Marghuy not enough but… – Bright Appiah

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The Executive Director of the Child Rights International, Mr Bright Appiah has said that the apology rendered by Tereo Marghuy, father of Tyron Marghuy, one of the two Rasta students initially denied admission to the Achimota School, is not enough.

Tereo had publicly accused his son of being disobedient lately after he displayed a wound on his hand, claiming it was caused by his Tyron.

He later apologised for his utterances.

“I would apologise to everybody that something like this happened, and also, for people to think that it’s Tyron who directly did something to me – it wasn’t so. It’s after the struggle that I found out that I had all these bruises.

“But if you check the video, you can definitely tell; I mean, what could he have used? I know he wasn’t holding anything. He just held my hand and we were struggling up and down. You know, sometimes when anger comes, you say things before later you see that you shouldn’t said it in that way,” he said on Wednesday June 8.

Asked whether the apology is enough while speaking on TV3’s New Day show on Thursday June 9, Mr Bright Appiah said “on a whole, I don’t think that the apology is enough but looking at the family system, we may have to accept the apology from him.”

He added “But there are certain pronouncements that he also made that for me, we should not take it for granted. Because of that we had to meet the family to discuss some of these issues and what exactly resulted into all these pronouncements and what led to he sustaining the bruises and all theat.

“You could see that it goes beyond the normal thing that we see, we had to spend more than three hours discussing the issues and see how best we can resolve the family issues and all that.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana

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