Andrew Disqus files: The Bipolar Dilemma

Many Ghanaians are suffering from bipolar disorders. But they scapegoat others who are unfortunate to explode theirs on social media and hide theirs within their hypocritical cults. They mock them, laugh at them, trash them and viciously descend on their personalities. In reality, we are all suffering from bipolar disorders, some, even worse than what we see. 

Torn between the causes of integration and the disintegrations of personality, the Ghanaian society is suffering from both nostalgias of reality and the paranoia they bring. Conundrums that baffle the Ghanaian with viable liabilities of lifestyles and the fantasies of abnormal behaviors. It is a disorder that disorganizes everything from personality to existence. It erupts furies in relationships, set societies ablaze and dehumanizes the souls in it. It puts vulnerable females behind the bars of sexual insanities and idolizes men into sexual cults. It misplaces priorities, causes mayhem to behaviors and swings moods in a pendulum-like direction. The attitudes of people vibrate like electrons in random motion, it defines the social response and put reactions to an unusual euphoria. Away from their own personalities, people live in it, play with it and die in it. It is the mother of all depressions and anxieties; stress and euphoria. The cause of cultural demise. It is called, the bipolar disorder.

We live in the age of anxiety; from education to culture, philosophy to religion, politics to economics, business to lifestyle, everywhere is penetrated with problems of anxiety. But it becomes banal when society doesn’t know what defines and refines their daily response to actions and reactions. Yet Ghanaians do not only worry about the degrading elements of their society, they’re also not ready to answer questions when being confronted. The same reasons why those who fall into victims of bipolar disorders aren’t lucky to have Ghanaians as their fellow countrymen. Because they can go long and extreme in destroying all their treasuries without being warned or prompted. They are rather exploited, mocked, insulted, condescended and trashed. Victims who are not fortunate die in their distress.

But the outlook of the situation isn’t as simple and narrow as we see it. There are broadening and ground-breaking cases of hunting sprees of bipolar disorders within the majorities that need attention. Almost every Ghanaian is suffering from bipolar disorder, and it seems unbelievable because we don’t take psychologists and social scientists here seriously. The mechanisms of actions and reactions we are witnessing from social media to radio/televisions, from dating to marriage, from campuses to homes are as grotesque and condescending to our personalities as if we never had dignity.

On social media, people act as if they are brainless; in relationships, they are worse. These abnormal behaviors and emotional instabilities transcend to our productivity levels at work, performance levels in schools and discipline in our communities; degrading our health and souls. Let’s forget about Abena Korkor, there are more Abena Korkors in our homes, offices, campuses than we can imagine. She is on top of every lip because popularity and fame were the proxies of her talents. Those who stand on cameras dancing and twerking for no reasons, writing unnecessary motivational messages and quotes, profanely posing in pictures just to receive likes and comments and busily exposing their private parts for fame are all children of bipolar.  Yours might be more dangerous than Abena Korkor because while being unaware that you have bipolar disorder, your husband might be preparing to divorce you just because you have emotional instabilities; that your mood swings anyhow, sometimes, losing it to act unmannered.

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You aren’t married. Maybe you think you are not ready. What if you find out that you are completely deviated from your real personality? And that you are unsure about every decision you take including whether you are ready to marry or not. Or what if the numerous sex you engage here and there aren’t just for fun as you think, but as a result of having no sense of belonging in you, that you are trying proving your worth by dressing to look sexually attractive? Or the roar anger you constantly use to dissemble friends, partners and co-workers is as a result of overthinking that boils your heart and blood? Or the constant lacking of interest of your own surrounding? Insomnia and oversleeping? Or the sadness and the feel of rejection? These and many other behaviors which I will explain here and other articles are right inside the cores of our society. The question is, how best do we know about bipolar disorder?

There are many unusual personalities in the Ghanaian society. Those who have inappropriate sexual exposures and inappropriate behaviors. Those who gravely mismanage money and properties, those who can’t engage themselves socially, those with increasing sexual drives. Mild euphoria and depressions, violence and suicides. Overoptimism and irritations. Delusions and hallucinations. They are in schools, homes, offices, everywhere. These people, for good or bad reasons, have gotten no sense of belonging, they feel rejected or unappreciated, causing total overreactions in their senses. Inwardly, they beg their emotions to move rapidly to service them, with instant satisfactions; happiness, euphoric mannerisms and pride.

Increase in sexual drives comes as a result of constant oversimplification over sex and erotic feelings. And this is what most radio and television stations do today. The common themes being “making your man go crazy in bed”, “how to handle a woman like a man” making her cum multiple times” and many others. These have normalized naughty chats, sex chats, video sex, phone sex among married men and women who feel no guilt in cheating. These threads, fumed by pornographic materials on internets and social media, sexually drive people in extreme sensations of surrendering every emotion to sexual satisfactions. Losing the whole body to sex and sexual matters.

Those who aren’t attached to these sexual anarchies are seen to be boring, not romantic, outmoded and primitive. Degrading their confidence and personal fulfillment in the society. On the other side, they also suffer the ripples of bipolar in their own way. Then again, we have become socially mean as people. Usual gatherings; parties funerals weddings, and other ceremonies have become avenues of sex hunt. Unless for very important reasons, many people attend these occasions with motives of getting another sex prospect. That is why married women hide their rings in their purses, while married men hide it in their pockets or wallets. And single ladies and gents, drawing atlases with their eyes even though they will be either engaged or on date with someone else.

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Then also, our sexual exposures, within our own selves have become puzzling. It has become difficult to separate married couples from the unmarried singles in terms of how both parties avail themselves sexually in appearance and approaches. The very few who respect themselves do it only in some places. You’ll find some married women in naughty WhatsApp groups, single Facebook groups and on dating apps constantly exchanging nude pictures. Some married men elsewhere are admins of single WhatsApp groups, porn related telegram groups and other sexually engaging online dating apps. Both the married men and women are all looking forward to having fun. Sex fun!

The aforementioned acts and many other actions expand and contract our moods and attitudes in dating, marriages, and social lives which deviates us from our own socially accepted norms. It is also the signs of having no boundaries in our private lives. The deviation of socially accepted norms and boundless act of sexual drives are symptoms of unawareness of depression. Unawareness of depression is the loss of reality of behavior; that is not being able to accept the fact that cheating and infidelity and multiple sex behavior are immoral acts in relationships and loss of pride sexual engagement. Those are symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Many young ladies and gents, women and men, have no idea about their personalities. They hop every step and climb every ladder just to realize their existence to their images in this virtual inexistent world. Such people suffer from too much depression. If a young man spends most of his time working by any means to lavishly spend on foot and cap just to impress a woman; he will live almost all his life, thinking that his approval of personality depends on the ratings ladies give him when he steps out. Those ladies too have no approval ratings at all. For that matter, many young men have no stability in moods, emotions, behavior and lifestyles. Their canals of thought are luxury driven, sexually driven with no boundaries. It is in such life that they find their personalities; their sense of belonging.

The young women on the other hand respond by not necessarily looking sharp and smart. In their dressing, they rather seek to appear sexually ready for fun, appealing to sexual desires of men, putting across their domain that they are commodities of sex. As a result, they have become socially extinct, burdensome and hollow. They spend more than they can afford, imagine more than they can think, making them liabilities in society. Misplaced priorities, comes with total depressions, which dislocate one from his/her personality. Unwarranted fantasies causes delusions of self, that makes then prisoners of virtual lives. The person lives a life of fake image, empty thoughts and a sweeping addictive life. They get no priorities, spend gravely on unnecessary stuff, spend more time thinking on how to look sexy, not how to look smart. A misplaced life, degraded thoughts. Such a lifestyle is also a bipolar disorder.

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The start and finish of behaviors have their origins. In our case, we were complacent in our assessment of foreign cultures, then we overreacted towards them. We are depressed prone people just as those living in the United States and Europe. And so, we suffer similar consequences; broken marriages, porn addictions, alcohol addictions, suicides, mental disorders, boundless sex, erotic minded, constant migraines and headaches, high blood pressures, constant cure of infections, hallucinations, deluded lives and many others. We exhibit raw anger, lack self-control, act uncultured, fantasize abstract behaviors and live-in abandoned lives. There is no self-esteem, no absolute controlled feelings, no discipline, no self-respect and respect for others and above all, no value for private matters.

Depressive lifestyles have no boundaries and so do our lives today.

Ladies and gents are suffering from masturbations; the use of dildos, toys, vibrators and lubricants to satisfy themselves. After pulling their orgasms, they become excited, afterwards, start diminishing in guiltiness, unusual euphoria and depression, sometimes stress, headaches, migraines and loss of interests. Outwardly, they are fine; even giving relationship advice to people, advising young ladies not to lower their standards for men. Within their cults, they are prisoners of masturbations with tensed depressing behaviors which socially wipe them off from engaging. Their lives become extinct, with unhappiness and degrading conditions.

Social media has helped such people; especially the journalists and the celebrities. Most of them, though not married, constantly advise people on their marital issues, social problems and offer them help. These virtual philanthropy works have bracketed their inner lives and inward sufferings. The married ones too get similar opportunities; but in reality, they would be fighting serious depressions and breakdowns. Seeing them with shining photoshoots, eloquent presentations, and beautiful appearances doesn’t completely epitomize their real adventure. Hence, most of the young married and unmarried we cherish and adore on social media suffer the worst cases of bipolar, you might not know, but the appraisals sometimes we give them are the sources of their sense of belonging. Take social media off, and they will commit suicide.

Bipolar disorders are just the lives most of us are living in! Take care!

By Opoku Andrew

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