All stakeholders must respect each other – Arnold Asamoah schools Shatta Wale

All stakeholders must respect each other – Arnold Asamoah schools Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale and Arnold Asamoah

During last nights fracas on United Showbiz, Arnold Asamoah took the opportunity to teach Shatta Wale on the mutual benefits the various stakeholders in the music industry derive from each other.

According to Arnold, everyone involved in the propagation of the Ghanaian music industry has a role to play. And all these roles intertwine to help push the singular agenda on the bill. So, respect is very fundamental to ensure the smooth turning of the music industry wheels.
He said, “Some of the artists don’t want to respect presenters and journalist. But these are their roles. Without the journalist and the media, the artist is nothing. Every role player must respect the other role player. That’s how we can foster unity.”

This submission came after Shatta Wale shamed him for wearing ‘cheap shoes’ because Arnold called him a confused and inconsistent artist. But this did not stop Arnold from insisting that respect is important and should be mutual to be effective. He said that journalist should respect managers and musician. And musicians must also extend the same courtesy to the journalist and radio presenter.

But Shatta Wale countered that the journalist he knows is only those from Graphic and Times. As these were the news outlets available when he was growing up. And so those are the journalist he will acknowledge.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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