AJ Quansah: Takoradi's new Amy Newman

Not so much is being said about Gospel musicians when music is being discussed.

The highlight is mostly on the secular musicians who, by a wider margin, have stolen the shine from their colleagues. But then, admittedly, some Gospel guys have found ways of cementing their status and are rubbing shoulders with these big secular names.

Meet AJ QUANSAH, the Amy Newman of our time.

Born Vida Nana Adjoa Kwansema Quansah, a nurse by profession having completed the Korle Bu Nursing Training School, AJ Quansah has decided to use what she describes an amazing God-given talent and is doing so very well.

With one song titled ‘It’s You’ to her credit, she has got Takoradi talking with many applauding and commending her for her unique style.

Her calm yet soothing voice, composure, command over the microphone and her ability to sing perfectly on every key makes her talent unmatched.

Her new single talks about the goodness of God and how God should be given credit for everything and how far she has come as a person.

AJ is a sure bet for greatness and one of the many names the world can rely on to preach the word through music.

Follow her on every social media platform @AJ Quansah for updates on her next projects.

Enjoy ‘It’s You’ below:


Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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