Adjetey Sowa narrates how he escaped deportation from London

I built my first house at 19 in 1984 from dancing - Adjetey Sowah
Adjetey Sowah
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Iconic Ghanaian dancer and world champion Adjetey Sowah has narrated how he escaped police custody in London to avoid deportation in 1985.

Adjetey Sowah disclosed that he took a trip to London without informing any family members to tour the cities but found himself in detention.

He said he thought visiting London was as easy as taking public transport to any town in Accra hence his decision to travel to the city for sightseeing.

“I didn’t know anybody there, but I wanted to visit. I thought going there(London) was like going to Accra and back.

“So I packed my things, and when I got to the immigration in London, I was arrested and detained,” he said.

Sowah revealed that he called a friend who told him he lived in London and discussed an escape plan to free him from deportation.

“I monitored my environment and realized I could run from there. So I called my friend and told him what I wanted to do, and he offered to help.”

He continued, “I told him to visit, but he shouldn’t write his real name and address. So I left my passport and clothes and joined him when the officers said visiting hours were over”.

The dance champion said his escape was well-calculated as it fell on the date for the World Dance Challenge in Malibu.

Adjetey Sowah added that he went to compete and came out victorious.

Watch the interview below:

By: King Kwaku Mensa (Contributor)

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