ADB staff promote products with ‘Business Health Walk’

ADB staff promote products with 'Business Health Walk'

ADB staff promote products with 'Business Health Walk' The Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) last Saturday embarked on a six-kilometer health walk in Accra to promote the products and services of the bank to the hundreds of people who exercise on the Ayi-Mensah –Peduase road.

Dubbed “Business Health Walk,” staff of the bank distributed about 2,000 fliers about the bank’s E-business, personal loans, agricultural and Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SME) services to road users and people who thronged the mountainous area to exercise their bodies.

Kasapreko Company Limited supported the bank with Awake Natural Water and its flavoured water for the six kilometer walk which ended with an aerobic session.

Deputy Managing Director of the Bank, Mr. Alhassan Yakubu-Tali said the walk was to further deepen the bank’s relationship with both new and existing customers, create top of the mind awareness about the ADB brand and also afford staff the opportunity to exercise.

“The Ayi-Mensah-Peduase walk has become a regular route for many Ghanaians who wish to keep fit, we therefore found it necessary to take advantage of the high patronage and inform the general public about our products and services,” he said.

He indicated that management placed premium on the health of the staff and also the promotion of the bank’s business because of the benefits it has for the staff and the bank, as well as the need to attract more customers.

“At ADB, we believe in teamwork as that remains one of our core values, thus this walk will not only create a synergy amongst the staff but will also teach us that by binding together as a single force, we will climb to the pinnacle of the banking industry in Ghana,” Mr. Yakubu-Tali added.

General Manager in charge of Business at ADB, Mr. Edward Ian-Armah Mensah described the exercise as a success, noting they were able to interact with many people.

He disclosed that the bank has developed products and services tailored to suit the dynamic trends of the banking industry and engaging activities.

This, he explained, would further promote visibility and top of the mind awareness about the ADB brand.


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