20% increase in transport fares is religious and burden sharing – GPRTU

The Director of Industrial Relations of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) Abass Imoro, has described their recent 20% increase in transport fares as a burden sharing move.

In an interview with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on Tuesday Morning, Imoro explained that “After all, a 20% increase in fares is very religious and it is simply a burden sharing. 

The GPRTU’s Industrial Relations Director also described the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) as jokers for objecting to the fare increase by GPRTU. There has been confusion between the two transport unions over the 20% increase in fares.

 “Which law says if we are buying fuel at exorbitant price, we can’t also increase our fares?” Abass Imoro questioned.

 In a statement on Monday, the GRTCC said no single union has the mandate to determine the percentage increase in fares hence they want the public to disregard the 20% fare increment imposed by the GPRTU

 “GPRTU is not part of them and they can’t regulate us. They are jokers. We are bigger than them. They can also bring out proposals if they care and are operators as we are. We are the operational people” Abass Imoro grudged

On the alleged usage of weed and cocaine toffees and other intoxicants by some long journey drivers of the GPRTU, he said “The law should be respected by all. It says we should not take any intoxicant and the police have the mandate to test drivers to see if they are under any influence of an intoxicant. He urged the police to arrest the drivers who are found culpable”.

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 By Samuel Afriyie Owusu|3news.com|Ghana


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