UW/R: Nandom Chiir Royal Family alleges being held hostage by joint military & police team


Members of the Chiir Royal of Nandom in the Upper West Region have alleged a joint and police besieged the Palace and held them hostage at dawn Sunday, April 3.

They also allege the team “forcefully entered our rooms to mount an unprovoked, unwarranted, unnecessary and utterly disgusting ‘unsuccessful search for weapons' without providing any warrant to that effect”.

A statement from the Nandom Naa's Palace signed by Head of the Chiir Royal Family, Peter Aabenyaa Deri, said, “some family members who even wanted to attend to nature's call were prevented and told by officers that no one is supposed to go out today”.

The background to this according to the statement relates to the installation of the Chief Executive Officer of Rabito Clinic, Prof. Edmund Delle, as the new Nandom Naa, an act they say  is in “disregard to the tradition of the Nandom Traditional Area, the rules and procedures of the Nandom Traditional Council, the Regional and National Houses of and in deliberate violation of the injunction on the processes”

According to the statement, some persons clothed with political authority are said to be meddling with the Chieftaincy institution processes “for their parochial political interest”.

The Chiir Royal Family is thus appealing to all relevant stakeholders of Nandom to call the Regional House of Chiefs to order.

Find the full statement below

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