US students storm out of school to demand end to gun violence

Some students in the United States of America have stormed out of their school premises to protest the rising gun violence, making a bold statement that arming teachers is not the solution to gun violence. Thousands of students across the country took to the streets on Wednesday March 14 to protest what they termed “Congressional failure” to directly address issue of gun violence. The students were chanting “enough is enough” as they walked out of their schools to express their displeasure over how the issue of gun violence is being handled. In a protest that lasted about 17 minutes, thousands of school children abandoned their classroom demanding an end to gun violence. Some students held up signs reading “Our Blood, Your Hands,” “enough is enough” “guns don’t kill unless it is your child” Other students wondered aloud if they would be the next victims of a mass school shoot out. Some students who spoke to TV3 expressed displeasure over how gun violence is being dealt with. “We are tired of going to school and having to worry about been shot; we are tired of going to school and worrying whether or not our teachers will be there the next day with us. We want to go to school to learn but we can’t do that if we are not safe,” Melissa Ousagara, a student protester said. According to Melissa, gun violence is a result of the lack of regulation against gun use in the United States. “It’s a combination of two things; one is that there is not enough gun regulation both in terms of the people that can buy guns. Also, we have people that have mental health issues that can access rifles, and we also have people under age where if their parents have guns at home, they can easily access it.” Melissa Ousagara further said “It’s not even someone with the intention to kill people, but just having access to guns when they really shouldn’t have them.”

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On what she thought of calls for teachers being allowed to have guns, Melissa said, the approach is not the best towards tackling gun violence. “Teachers are teachers, they are supposed to teach us, schools are not war zones, arming teachers is not the solution; the solution is to stop the students from getting access to these guns.” She added, “Arming teachers create even a more unsafe environment for students; arming teachers is just a lazy way for these congressmen up there to make up a solution when in reality what we need is gun control.” Melissa also called on her colleagues to vote their congressmen out since they have done nothing in the past 8 years to deal with the menace of gun violence in the States. Another student, Sara Weisser also expressed disappointment in the government for not dealing with gun violence which has led to mass shooting in the United States. “I am extremely disappointed in government, gun control should have happened long ago. They should look for the source of the problem,” Sara said. Sara Weisser further said, “We are going to cast our vote with a purpose; we want politicians to do something. I am definitely disappointed; there need to be less guns, there need to be a ban on guns.” President Trump had initially favored raising the minimum age for buying a gun from 18 to 21, but has since backed away following incidents of mass shooting in the United States. Trump wants to make schools safe by arming school teachers, but the children say this is not the solution to the shooting menace.
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