The side chick is not the cause of your failing marriage – Uncle Ebo Whyte on ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’

Love is not enough for a successful marriage – Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

According to Uncle Ebo Whyte, the presence of a side chick in your marriage means the marriage was already headed for doom. He believes that a mistress is an indication that the union was already on shaky grounds. But he did not totally absolve the side chick of their role in failed marriages.

Uncle Ebo Whyte made this revelation on Showbiz 360, where he spoke about his new book, Let’s Talk About Sex. On the issue of good sex in marriages being the glue that keeps couples together, the topic about side chicks reared its head. Which was expected since the ‘Side chick conundrum’ has been plaguing the opinion courts.

But Uncle Ebo Whyte does not believe the side chick to be the primary reason for the terrible state of marriages. He pointed out that a side chick would only be introduced in a marriage already in its last legs. This may imply that a side chick indicates a troubled marriage but not necessarily the cause of the troubles.

“I wouldn’t agree that they are struggling because of that. I think that is there because the marriages already were in trouble. Quite often, we blame the side chicks. But a lot of time, the side chick came in only when the marriage itself was limping. It is very rare that you find a side chick on the scene when the marriage is strong and doing well. Quite often, the marriage is not doing that well.”

He suggested that couples should pay more attention to each other needs before their marriages deteriorate. As this would invite the unwanted presence of side chicks.

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“And you see, one of the issues is that men typically don’t complain. So, sometimes their needs go unmet and disregarded. And a lot of men would demonstrate their displeasure instead of talking about it. And that is why it is important that even if your man is not talking, don’t assume all is well. Just be careful, ” Uncle Ebo Whyte concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana