The Poppy Appeal 2021: Appreciate the sacrifices that brought peace – VAG

Executive Director of the Veterans Administration of Ghana (VAG), Capt. Ben Edmund Duah(rtd), is calling on the general public to be conscious about the Poppy Appeal and to join in the celebration of the World Poppy Day on the November 11, to commemorate the sacrifices of soldiers in the First World War (WW1) that guaranteed the peace enjoyed today.

He said it is an obligation of every Ghanaian to appreciate that some Ghanaians joined other nationals around the world to make sacrifices which resulted in some dying and others injured to secure the peace the world enjoys today.

Capt. Duah(rtd) pointed out that before the armistice of November 11, 1918, the world was riddled with war, which was not premised on whether one country has done another wrong or not but through the appetite for dominance by way of war to acquire resources around the world.

“The white man came here, dominated us and started thinking of more domination around the world but finally this war which brought about the Poppy silenced all those things,” he pointed out.

He said the advent of the Poppy created the League of Nations which couldn’t stand the test of the time, thus starting the Second World War (WWII), after which gave birth to the United Nations (UN).

According to the Executive Director of VAG, the UN has succeeded in stopping all the wars around the world and giving the world the peace to exist without fearing the hegemony that was common before the advent of the Poppy in the world.

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“Now we are governed more or less by rules and regulations and I think that is the greatest achievement the United Nations has brought but before that some people made those sacrifices and we are saying that let’s all join hands in appreciating and recognizing their contributions,” said Capt. Rtd B.E. Duah.

He made this appeal in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the New Day on TV3, Tuesday, November 2, on the back of the World Poppy Day celebration on November 11 every year around the world.

About World Poppy Day

The day is also known as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918 at exactly 11 am, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh Day of the eleventh month. Thus the advent of the term “the 11th hour”.

Appreciate the sacrifices

For his part, Ex WO1 Bright Segbefia reiterated that the appreciation of the sacrifices that ensured world peace is exhibited when Ghanaians patronize the Poppy.

“The wearing of the Poppy starts from the last Friday of October and ends on the 11th of November, when religious services and military service are held across the Commonwealth countries to honor the fallen heroes. And also to encourage the surviving soldiers whose sacrifices the public will be there to support them,” he said.

He elaborated that the Poppy comes with no price tag but its worth is based on the appreciation of the individual acquiring it. He pointed out that any amount that is donated for its acquisition goes a long way in supporting the brave veterans.

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The Poppies can be purchased at all the regional headquarters and district branches of the Veterans Administration of Ghana (VAG) across the country.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana