The E-Levy and the Pregnant goat analogy – Dr Agumenu

There’s a wisdom in my native language that says anytime a pregnant goat is being sold at the market, it implies that the situation at home is quite grave and dire.

It does appear to me that the situation with the E-Levy can be likened to the pregnant goat analogy.

Essentially, the E-Levy conundrum is more or less a situation where a pregnant goat has been dragged to the market for sale but consumers are confused as to what would have necessitated the selling of a pregnant goat and the outcome .

It is clear here that the economic situation at home have triggered the condition where the owner of the goat cannot wait any longer.

Well, the implication here is that, the seller would be in serious trouble if the selling negotiation fails , as we’re seeing with the difficulty in explaining to the public the rationale behind the E-Levy.

We can tell the pregnant goat is the last resort for government raising revenue but the question is, what happens if consumers refuse to buy the pregnant goat?

Does it also mean that without the E-Levy, government can’t function?

At this stage, it has become imperative for the Executive and the Legislature to further build consensus in mitigating the plight of the suffering Ghanaians.

By Dr Donald Agumenu, former aide to the late former President Jerry John Rawlings and Governance expert.

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