The current ICU leadership in perspective

The ICU-Ghana held its 11th Quadrennial Delegates’ Conference in August, 2021 at which the current and the ninth (9th ) successive Leadership of the Union since its inception in 1960, was elected into office on the 27th of August, 2021.

A year ago today, the current Leadership of the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU), Ghana took up the mantle of Leadership entrusted to them by Conference, which mandated them to lead and steer the affairs of this indomitable, single largest heterogenous trade union organization in Ghana.

Using the solid base already put in place by its predecessors as a springboard, the current Leadership is redoubling its efforts and making great strides at union building, sustaining the relevance and general visibility of the Union both locally and internationally.  This is as a result of positive and effective interaction with its constituents/members, social partners, as well as international partners – the Global Union Federations (GUF).

On the local front, the current Leadership of the Union has leveraged the existing rapport between the Union and its social partners and reduced the incidence of industrial action by harmonizing the relationship between the parties through dialoguing for amicable resolution of grievances/disputes.

The members are by this, becoming more and more amenable to peaceful resolution of grievances and disputes between them and their employers, thus creating a congenial industrial atmosphere which is a prerequisite for increased productivity at the workplace towards the socio-economic advancement of the country.

On the international front, there has been exponential leap in the Union’s collaboration with the Global Unions as it continuous to receive more and more sponsored projects, participation in conferences, workshops and seminars for the benefit of members and for the growth and development of the Union.

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There is also increased staff satisfaction as the current Leadership’s open-door policy enables every staff of the Union to freely approach Leadership at any time on all matters concerning their welfare and the work.

The Leadership has taken in its stride whatever challenges bequeathed to them as well as all current challenges, and are effectively dealing with same and finding solutions to the best of its ability.

The Leadership hopes to admirably turn around the Union for the better by the end of its tenure, and make it the preferred trade union organization in Ghana today, which every worker would desire to join and every employer would love to associate with.

All in all, the one year into our tenure has not only been an experiential learning but also pleasantly challenging, which has made us even more resolved than ever before to forge ahead to serve the interest of our teeming membership through effective, progressive and harmonious collaboration with our social partners and our international partners.





Dated:  27th August, 2022  


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