Talensi By-election: PNC-CPP candidate lost for lack of resources – Samia

The Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Samia Nkrumah, says the inability of the two Nkrumaists to win the Talensi by-election despite fielding one candidate, was largely due to lack of resources to prosecute an effective campaign.

The CPP Chairperson also attributed the defeat to the lack of a properly coordinated campaign by the two parties despite the progress they appear to be making with their merger plans.

She however noted that the votes garnered by the candidate is commendable, adding that when the aforementioned issues are dealt with properly, they will achieve greater strides in the near future.

The NDC’S candidate, a former head of the Ghana Prisons Service, BT Baba, won the elections with 10,366 representing 42.31% of the total votes cast as against Thomas Duanab’s (NPP) 6,845 representing 27.94% of the total votes.

The PNC/CPP candidate Dr. Dr. Michael Wombeago, came third with 6,836 of the votes representing 27.90% of the total votes cast, followed by the PPP which had 214 votes representing 0.87%. The GFP polled 58 votes, NVP had 93, UPP managed 49 while the IPP polled a paltry 38.

Samia Nkrumah’s Facebook post

Many, many thanks to all those who’ve encouraged our efforts and that of our excellent candidate, Dr. Michael Wombeago. It was a pleasure to work with him and the team these last few days. The results, commendable as they are, didn’t give us the seat. They didn’t come as a total surprise to us either.

Our candidate was obviously short of the resources required to finish hard. We tried our best within the circumstances but neither the CPP nor the PNC had the resources that would have given us a victory in today’s political terrain. Secondly, over the last few days leading up to voting day, and perhaps due to a lapse in strategy, we were separated from the candidate.

We campaigned separately so I can conclude that the impact of a united CPP-PNC might have been diluted and lost on voters. We need to address these two issues seriously. If our inability to deliver this time could be traced to resources and strategy then I’m not worried because we can rectify that.

The popularity and goodwill are real and we only have to build on them by holding on to the competent hardworking fighters. I’m encouraged by the caliber of people we have whether as candidates or executives and here I wish to commend the CPP Talensi Chairman and team. I know that once we address the above mentioned issues nothing can stop us from winning. Dear Comrades, there’s victory for us. Forward Ever!

Meanwhile the PNC has alleged some irregularities at the polls accusing the EC of conniving with the so-called larger parties to minimize the party’s votes. The party says it may go to court to seek redress.

By: Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie/3news.com/Ghana



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