Special Prosecutor storms court in landmark case against Mahama Ayariga


    Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng will be in court on Monday, October 11 officially for the first time since he started work on Monday, August 9.

    He will be at the Financial Court 2 in relation to the tax evasion case brought against Central Member of .

    The case was started by former Special Prosecutor Martin Alalmisi Burnes Kaiser , who resigned his position in 2020, just days after the demise of his Jerry John .

    Mr Amidu, Ghana's first Special Prosecutor, had put the (NDC) on trial over two issues – breaching procurement processes in the purchase of some ambulances for his constituency and tax evasion in the importation of some “luxurious” vehicles.

    Despite standing trial with six others on the former, the former Youth and Sports Minister was acquitted and discharged on Friday, May 7.

    An presided over by Justice Afia Serwaah Asare-Botwe acquitted and discharged all seven after it upheld a submission of no case filed by the defence .

    But the latter case is still pending and trial resumes on Monday.

    He is accused of abusing his office after clearing three Toyota V8 vehicles without paying tax.

    He is also sued for illegal transfer of foreign exchange from Ghana to Dubai without having the required license to undertake such transaction.

    Joined to the suit is one Kendrick Marfo, a car rental dealer, for purchasing the “fraudulent” vehicles from Mr Ayariga. Mr Marfo, 50, is also accused of deliberately evading tax in the purchase of the vehicles from the lawmaker.

    By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh|3news.com|Ghana

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