I’ve been dating my boyfriend for ten years now; we are not pressured to marry – Feli Nuna

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Feli Nuna

Ghanaian musician, Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawaiah also known as Feli Nuna, has disclosed that she has been dating her current boyfriend for a decade but marriage is currently out of her priorities.

Feli Nuna revealed this while speaking on The Ladies Circle show on TV3, Saturday, April 7.

She clarified that she wants to concentrate on her career and promised to be married when the time is appropriate.

The Afropop singer added that her boyfriend had been supportive of her career even before she became a renowned artiste.

She claims that despite all of the difficulties they have encountered, their relationship is still strong.

“I have been dating my current man for about 10 years now. He was there for me from the beginning even before I became known. It has not been easy, we have the good moments and our tough times when we were going out and weren’t seeing each other due to our tight schedules. I think right now, we are in a good place.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a place mentally before I get married. I don’t give him pressure and he doesn’t give me pressure too. We are intertwined and our families know each other. I would like to settle down with him but right now because of work I want to be in the right place before doing so,” she said.

She added that she’s the type who likes to be in long relationships.