Exclusive: Ghanaian record holder for most trees hugged speaks about achievement

Abubakar Tahiru is the current record holder for most hugged trees in one hour by an individual

The current world record holder for the most trees hugged by an individual, Abubakar Tahiru has opened up about his record attempt.

Tahiru, a Ghanaian master’s student at Auburn University in America has etched his name in the annals of the world record book by embracing a total of 1,123 trees every 3 seconds for one hour.

Days after he was announced the record holder, Tahiru in an interview with 3news disclosed that he only sought to bring global attention to sustaining the environment.

He said his achievement is in no interest of gaining fame rather to remind the world of the devastating effects of climate change.

“I am not really focused about just having the fame but if my record attempt can end up shaping the world, inspiring people and attaining greater heights.

Abubakar during his record attempt

“If I should be remembered, I should not be remembered of a guy who just set the Guinness World Record but I should be remembered of a guy who set a record to advocate for sustainability, to inspire the youth, to advocate his commitment and passion for nature.

“The climate that we are working on is not just about today, its about the future. If we are going to be conscious about it then it’s going to be a very good future for us all,” he told 3news’ Raphael Ghartey on Wednesday, April 17.

Growing up in a farming community and forest zone in the Upper East Region, Abubakar witnessed the wailing impact of tree felling and logging on farms of residents in his community.

Ghanaian man sets Guinness World Record for Most Trees Hugged in one hour

This fueled his passion to advocate for protecting and sustaining the environment as well as climate change.

The Auburn Forestry Master student said for years now, he has yearned for an opportunity to make a global call for attention on sustainable environment.

“I have always been finding a way not just about the research that I am doing but also having an innovative way to speak out or tell people about sustainability and its obvious that climate change is very critical.

“Climate change is not agenda of one person but global effort and I decided to do this to call global attention on sustainability and for us to collective come out to mitigate climate change,” he said.

Tahiru says he hopes his remarkable achievement inspires the world to push together to sustain the environment.

Abubakar Tahiru is the current record holder for most hugged trees in one hour by an individual

While embarking on his attempt during the Ramadan fast, Tahiru noted his only challenge was identifying the forest vegetation for his attempt.

According to him, the Ramadan fast rather aided in his attempt since he could not stop to refresh himself with water or food. This, he noted motivated him to urge on with his record attempt.

Initially, the mandated number of trees he was required to hug was 700 trees but Tahiru said he managed to hug more trees – 1,123 trees.

Tahiru noted that the number represents less of what he did. However, the evidence presented to the Guinness World Record only reflects 1,123 trees because his team only managed to record the said number of trees in video evidence.

Tahiru is the first individual to hold the record for a number of trees hugged in an hour. He holds an undergraduate degree in Natural Resources (Forestry) from the University for Development Studies in Tamale.

While in Ghana, he stayed at Tepa in the Ashanti Region. Abubakar Tahiru is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Forestry and a research assistant in carbon, fuel consumption and logging equipment.