Rugby Africa Cup 2020: Ghana meets Botswana in historic kick-off

The opening game will be played at the Nduom Sports Stadium in Elmina, Ghana[/caption] The first Rugby Africa Cup (RAC) 2020 encounter kicks off on Saturday, November 23 at 11:00 GMT at the Nduom Sports Stadium in Elmina, Ghana. This RAC 2020 kick-off is remarkable in two ways. It is the official start of a new competition format on the continent and Ghana is not historically a rugby nation. Yet, Ghana’s Rugby is developing strong. After having hosted the Bronze Cup and winning it last year, Ghana has hosted the Tri-nations Cup this year, and now sets the stage for the inaugural RAC 2020. President of Ghana Rugby Herbert Mensah is thrilled about the upcoming match. “Ghana are the underdogs as Botswana has a long rugby history and is geographically surrounded by rugby giants. But Ghana is coming in for battle and prepared in the right way. “The settings are all correct and we are massively excited to host the match. Khaled Babbou, the President of Rugby Africa, and his team that have put this new format together have done an incredible job to enable all countries to have access and the opportunity to play in a World Cup in 2023 should they qualify. “Rugby is the fastest growing sport in Africa and the Rugby Africa Cup encourages all nations independent of their size to get involved, experience more play time and become more competitive. “I look forward to attending this promising match and seeing how Ghana will defend themselves against the favourites of this match.”

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