Police-cum-military men storm Woyome’s house, ‘point gun at his wife’

File photo: Mr Woyome during one of his court sessions

Wife of embattled businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome had gun pointed at her Tuesday morning when a combined team of armed police and military personnel stormed their Trasacco residence in Accra, Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Kobla Mensah Woyome has claimed.

The security personnel were said to have gone there to value Mr Woyome’s home as part of steps being taken by the State to recover GHC51.2-million controversially paid him as judgement debt.

A misunderstanding broke out between the security personnel and Mr. Woyome as the latter questioned the authenticity of a court warrant granting access to the house for valuation in view of the fact that the country’s courts were on legal vacation.

According to the Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Mr Kobla Wayome, one of the security operatives pointed gun at Mrs. Woyome when they tried to prevent the personnel from entering the house.

Describing the action of the personnel as outrageous and unacceptable, the MP wondered why a gun was pointed at his brother’s wife as they were not at war with anybody or under military regime.

Though he admitted on Onua FM that he is currently not in the country, he said pictures and videos of the incident sent to him by relatives and friends suggested injustice was being done his brother who has been battling the state in court over the money.

“It is only God who has protected and preserved me and my family for all these six years of injustice,” he said.

He unreservedly condemned the behaviour of the security operatives and wondered whether rule of law was being thrown to the dogs despite assurances by President Akufo-Addo to ensure rule of law is strictly adhered to.

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For him, he did not understand why such an action would be taken when the GHC51.2-million case is still pending before Supreme Court and the Africa Human Rights Court, which the government is fully aware of.

“What kind of hurry is the government of the day that they should trampled upon the fundamental human right of Woyome,” he asked.

By Owoahene Omari Acheampong|Onua FM|3news.com